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Skydive & Aerobatic

It’s the ultimate in adrenaline filled days!

Take the plunge and do a skydive reaching speeds of up to 220 km/hr! Enjoy the beauty of the Gold Coast from the best imaginable vantage point and land on the soft white sands of Kirra beach.

Once you’re heart rate returns to normal……..or not, climb aboard a Russian YAK 52 aircraft, and experience the thrill of an aerobatic routine action packed with exhilarating manoeuvres, medium to high g-forces, where you’ll loop, roll and twist through the sky. Get ready for a different view of the Gold Coast!


Throw your loved one out of a plane to show just how much you love them. 😉 Seriously though, they will love you for it.

If you decide to take the plunge too you can hand the ring over to one of our discreet and professional staff members who will be there throughout the whole process to take care of your proposal. You will land first next to the huge “will you marry me?” sign that can be seen from under canopy. You will have the ring handed to you and the song you have chosen will be playing on the beach as your partner lands next to you so you can get down on one knee (if that’s how you want to do it). There will be French Champagne for you to enjoy once it’s all official.

The proposal most could only dream of!