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My Learning To Skydive Experience

In April 2012, I did my first tandem skydive at Skydive Toronto in Ontario Canada. It wasn’t my idea to decide to do the jump, but was a team bonding experience through a marketing company I worked for.

The day of the jump we had to wait a while for our turn to go. I barely spoke the whole time leading up to the jump, as I still couldn’t imagine myself going through with it. I was terrified, excited and nervous all at the same time. Finally it was my turn to go and off we went to board the plane. I don’t remember much of being in the plane or even under the canopy. The part I remember the most was the actual leaving the plane and this crazy, different, unexpected, insane, most amazing feeling of freefalling towards the earth. Once touching down onto the ground, I was on an adrenalin high for about two weeks. I couldn’t stop thinking about the jump that I had done and all the feelings of doubt and nervousness that I felt before taking the plunge. I literally felt like I could do anything in the world after doing that first jump. I felt I had overcome so much fear that was inside of me.

Fast forward a few months later I decided to do another tandem jump and then a third tandem a few months after that. I still couldn’t get the thought of freefall out of my head so I decided to sign up for the Progressive Freefall Program to get my solo license.

The journey of getting my solo license and then continuing on to my A and then B license has been an incredible experience. Not only do you learn skills to be able to fly your body in the sky attached to nothing but the rig on your back, but you overcome so much fear mentally that helps you in other aspects of your life. I always said that skydiving had changed my life. I look at the person I was when I did that first jump and how scared I was and then I look at myself now and see how much I’ve accomplished since then in terms of just facing fear straight on.

If you would have asked me 4 years ago where’d I’d be today I would never imagine the path I’ve chosen in life and I really believe it’s because I faced that fear on my first jump. It’s made me a better person overall, it’s introduced me to some of the most amazing people from all over the world and it’s given me so many amazing memories of feeling totally free in the sky. There’s really nothing else like it. It’s truly a unique sport that brings so much positive aspects to your life.