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Four fun times

Every Jump is different and just as good as the last one you’ve done, but there are some that leave you in stitches and you just can’t forget.

One of them would have to be the double rodeo with two of my friends Chae Saw and Chris Byrnes. We had a few people tell us that we wouldn’t be able to hang on together and it the jump is pretty much just going to be a fail. The plane ride up Chae and I didn’t even talk we were so nervous. When it was time to jump we took our positions and just hung on hoping. It took about ten to fifteen seconds to get stable and realize we were still both together riding on the back of a wingsuit. Chae went in for a high-five but I was too stoked with what we were doing to even notice and just left her hanging, we couldn’t stop laughing when we landed.

Another memorable jump is definitely the dress up jump, Regan Macdonald at first was hesitant to wear a revealing Mexican senorita outfit, but after a couple of words from some good people warmed up to the idea pretty quickly, I was wearing a clown outfit, we just wanted to make our friends laugh J It was a wagon wheel exit off the door so Regan was holding my feet and I was standing over him holding his feet, leaving the plane his skirt flew up and both of us started tumble around. It didn’t take long to lose each other in the sky. We absolutley made our friends laugh and this jump even made it on the front cover of Australia’s national Skydive magazine!

The jumps that start off without a very solid plan are usually the most fun, Lindsay Pihach and I were watching a video of a very talented flyer Amandine Genin, we were mesmerized by this one move in particular where she was standing up right but swinging her legs in a 360 motion, almost how a chicken holds its head in the same spot when you move their body around, we thought we would give it a go even though we were lacking the very basic skills of stand flying. Watching back on the video still leaves us in tears.

Star crest jumps are another favorite, seeing a larger group of other smiling faces in the sky all working together is a wonderful feeling, they take a lot of effort on the ground to organize so every will know what position they need to be flying and were they’ll fit in on the jump. Robbo Robertson is still to this day the best load organizer, he is a very sweet, kind and informative older man, but when it comes to jumping he doesn’t muck around, there was another fun jumper bouncing around our group still excited from succeeding at their last skydive, but they’d became a distraction to our training for the big way jump, so robbo showed us all his not so sweet and lovely side, which had us in fits of laughter.

There are endless ideas on how to make flying even more fun, having silly jumps and even if your whole plan of what you were meant to be doing up there completely fails, it never seems  to bring you down J