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Falling for fun

I still remember my first skydive, it was a 21st birthday gift from my brother, there was a small group of friends and family all going up on the same plane for tandems.

My instructor was wearing cute little cat ears and probably the cheekiest girl that I’d ever met, it was so obvious within moments of meeting her how much she was enjoying her life. After our jump we spoke about solo courses and what it would take to get to her position. I had been inspired to chase a life that would be fun and unpredictable.

3 weeks after my first tandem I was booked in to complete my Accelerated free fall course, it was a 50 minute moped ride on the motorway every morning to get there. On the first day I crashed my moped and slid out on the gravel driveway, leaving a good sized gash across my hand. As my Teacher was cleaning me up he joked “I hope you’re not accident prone”. He was an ex paratrooper named John Goodwin, his stories were captivating. I was fascinated in everything he had to say. The course was informative and I had been given the confidence to get up and just do it!

After completing My A license, I was able to travel around to different drop zones where I have met some of the most important people in my life, Skydiving is more than just a sport, the bonds you make with other jumpers are ones that are kept for life, there are so many varieties of personalities at the drop zone but when your geared up and ready to jump, no one’s different, we all have the same feeling of why were there and can relate to each other. Other jumpers are always willing to help or share information, drop zones are little communities always taking on new people who want to make sure they are living life to the fullest.

Since I’ve started jumping I have gained a lot of confidence, not just with the sport but in other aspects of my life. You appreciate how precious life is even the moments that seem uneventful have purpose, and that you only have one chance at making it the best you possibly can, and that means not living with restrictions or fearing that your incapable of doing something incredible. Putting yourself in a vulnerable position were your completely out of your comfort zone shouldn’t be something you avoid doing as this is the time you have a massive realization on what else life has to offer. The impact that learning to skydive has had on my life, there really are not words to describe until you experience it yourself.

Falling for fun can seem like it is just plain crazy and might not make sense before you do it, but once your there in that moment, it couldn’t make more sense. Its pure bliss and you feel as free as you ever could. Everyone should experience it at least once in their life!