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About Us

Gold Coast Skydive is the ONLY skydive centre on the Gold Coast. Our tandem skydivers land on the beautiful and iconic sandy Kirra beach. We are one of the few remaining family owned businesses within the skydiving industry and our focus on fun, customer service and above all else, safety is what sets us above the rest.

Our friendly experienced staff are happy to answer any questions you may have to help make your skydive a fun and adrenaline filled experience that you will never forget!

We take off from Gold Coast International airport amongst the passenger jets, which offers it’s own unique experience and that’s before you’ve even leave the ground. You will then have the opportunity to take in the breathtaking scenery on the flight to height. The view of the Gold Coast’s beaches and Surfers Paradise skyline are stunning beyond comparison. Once the aircraft has reached the drop point you will leap from the plane on an adrenaline filled ride of a lifetime, rushing through the air as you free-fall down to paradise. Your parachute will open, it will become peaceful and quiet and you’ll float down to the sandy beaches of Kirra, giving you yet another chance to take in the beautiful views of the Gold Coasts never ending beaches whilst you revel in the feeling of getting out of your comfort zone and living life to the fullest.

Don’t think about it, come and skydive with us!


Our Team

  • Archie Jamieson
    - Owner, Chief Instructor, Pilot

    Archie is the owner, Chief Instructor and one of the pilots at Gold Coast Skydive. Archie and his partner Samantha built Gold Coast Skydive into the successful family run business that it is today. Archie can be found in the office, in the plane, running ground crew and walking around fielding constant calls.

    Archie has been skydiving for 29 years and flying for 21 so he brings a lot of experience to the table. He is a current Australian CRW large formation record holder and has represented Australia at a world skydiving meet.

    Archie has taken his jack russell dog DJ skydiving over 10 times and DJ even has his own tailor made skydiving harness. Archie is scared of heights!

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    Alana Bertram
    - General Manager

    Alana is the General Manager at Gold Coast Skydive. She has been skydiving for 8 years and has jumped all over the world. You can find Alana in the office, running ground crew or in a cafe somewhere with her laptop.

    Her favourite part of her job is getting to live in the beautiful Gold Coast and work with her friends everyday. She also loves sharing the excitement of people’s first skydives with them.

    Alana loves the outdoors and enjoys rock climbing, kite surfing and scuba diving. She once lived in China and can speak some Chinese.

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    Mick Schiller
    - Pilot, Aircraft Operations

    Mick is one of our pilots and aircraft operator. He is a commercial pilot with an aerobatic endorsement; if you have a chance to fly with him in the YAK you’re in for a treat! Mick did 3500 jumps over his skydiving career and now focuses solely on flying. Mick loves a challenge and found that skydiving and flying provide him with this.

    Mick loves seeing people’s reactions and hearing their comments when the light turns green symbolizing it’s time to jump.When Mick’s not flying he enjoys snowboarding, golf and cycling.

    Mick was briefly switched at birth. His Mum quickly realized and retrieved him from another mothers room in the hospital!

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    Brittany Lewis
    - Office Manager

    Brittany is 20 and was born in Glen Innes NSW. She has been a part of the Gold Coast Skydive team for 4 years. Brittany juggles uni and work.

    Brittany loves seeing the fear in peoples eyes when they walk up the stairs and then their elation when they return from a jump.

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    Mardi Kennedy
    - Chief pilot

    Mardi is our slightly shy and mysterious Chief Pilot, she was born in Sydney but grew up on the Gold Coast. She has been a part of the team for 2 years. Mardi started flying after accepting that she wasn’t the best waitress and thought she’d copy some of the other kids ideas at uni – which clearly worked out for her.

    Mardi has also been a flying postie, delivering mail to remote cattle stations and aboriginal communities, she has also buzzed boats in planes really really low for surveillance purposes.

    The screams and laughter before people jump is Mardi’s favorite part of her job, along with the view from her office! She also loves the challenges that flying brings to her life. Mardi loves to get out and about but when she’s at home she bakes a mean orange cake.

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    Stephen Henessey
    - Tandem Master

    Steve is our longest standing employee and also our most experienced Tandem Master. He has been doing tandems for 29 years and skydiving for 34.

    Steve has over 20,000 jumps!

    Steve was one of the first people to skydive over Mount Everest in 2008. On his days off Steve enjoys a hit of Golf.

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    Douggie Ball
    - Tandem Master

    Douggie is one of our awesome Tandem Masters at Gold Coast Skydive and has been with us for a year and half. He’s as Aussie as they come and started skydiving after meeting a mate for a beer at the skydiving Drop zone. He saw some students landing and thought it looked like fun. He finished his AFF course in 4 days and hasn’t looked back.

    Douggie loves seeing the smiles on the faces of the tandem passengers he lands on the beautiful beach. Douggie also loves skating, surfing, wake-boarding and pretty much all outdoor activities.

    A quirky fact abut Douggie is that he’s got a ticklish bellybutton.

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    Zac Edwards
    - Tandem Master

    Zac has been a part of the Gold Coast Skydive team as a tandem master since May. He started skydiving in 2011 when his Mum signed him up to do his Accelerated Freefall skydiving course for his birthday. Now that skydiving is his career Zac doesn’t feel like he’s working at all!.

    Zac was born in Grafton and previously worked in Coffs Harbour. H’s been to the US twice for skydiving and his favorite jump so far was a 44-way angle jump. Zac says his other hobbies are collecting Pokemon cards and trying to discover his sixth sense.

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    James Throsby
    - Tandem Master

    James started skydiving in 2006 because he loves the adrenaline of going fast and joined the Gold Coast Skydive team as a tandem master in 2012. James can also be found editing your videos and picking up passenger.

    James has won multiple skydiving medals in 2-way-freefly and 2-way-wingsuiting. He is also a wing-suit coach! He was a part of the Australian wing-suit record and the atmonauti world record!

    When asked what he loves about his job he said “Knowing that I’ve taken people far outside of there comfort zone and into a world they could never have imagined, changing their lives by showing them that freedom is on the other side of fear”, that and the beer at the end of the day.

    James’ other pass times have/do include dirt bikes, Jet skis and water skiing.

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    Peter ‘Irish’ Sutton
    - Sales Manager

    Peter, affectionately known as Irish is our Sales Manager as well as a Tandem Master. He has done 2000 jumps and was on the WA state 50-way record. Hi loves skydiving with awesome people and especially enjoys being able to give people the best experience of their lives.

    Irish loves being a part of someone’s skydiving experience from start to finish and likes introducing people into skydiving regularly as a hobby.

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    Wayne Bishop
    - Tandem Master

    Wayne is one of our Tandem Masters and has been jumping since 1993 and was prompted to learn to skydive after watching a girlfriends tandem video. he’s done over 10000 skydives, mainly on the beautiful East Coast of Australia and spent some time working at Davis in California. Wayne also has his pilots license.

    Wayne loves that working as a tandem master gives him the opportunity to connect with people that have decided to step out of their comfort zone and be better than the day before. He loves seeing the shift in their mind and beliefs about what they can do/achieve.

    As well as being a Tandem Instructor, Wayne is training to be a life coach. When he was younger he used to perform and teach street dancing.

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    Steve Burnie
    - Packer and Ground Crew

    Burnie was born in Byron Bay and has been working with Gold Coast Skydive as a packer and ground crew for 4 years. He got his first skydive as a birthday present and hasn’t looked back since.

    Burnie loves the interaction with people, and the fun environment that working in the skydiving industry provides. Other than skydiving you can find Burnie fishing, or spending time with his mates.

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    Brooke Kilburn
    - Office and Ground Crew

    Brooke started skydiving about a month after her 21st birthday. She loves working around happy customers all the time. She’s been a part of the Gold Coast Skydive team for about a month and says she loves it because their’s never any grumpy people coming in.

    Brooke loves to dress up and play different characters. She also enjoys rock climbing,photography, and exploring with friends. Brooke is a local and was born at Tweed Heads. She won most improved novice in the four way competitions and successfully double rodeo’d Australia’s biggest wing suit with her friend.

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    Bec Powell
    - Accountant

    Bec is our go to numbers girl otherwise known as our Accounts Assistant. Always a maths enthusiast she juggles our accounting affairs and ensures everything balances at the end of the day. You can also spot Bec helping out in the office, on the ground or driving the bus.

    Bec was born in Bath England and has been a part of our team for a year. Bec is currently training for the GC Half Marathon, and a triathlon.

    Bec is also a volunteer fire fighter.

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    The Virtual Tour of Our Beach

    Our Mission Statement

    Gold Coast Skydive  aims to be the best skydiving experience provider positioned at the forefront of the skydiving industry in Australia. Gold Coast Skydive strives to offer the highest level of customer service and maintain an impeccable safety record in the eyes of staff, the community and safety and regulatory bodies while sharing a sport that we love in the best location in the world.

    Our Aircraft

    About Our Aircraft

    Gold Coast Skydive employs a dedicated aircraft maintenance manager to oversee its 2 aircraft, a Cessna 182 and a Piper Chieftain PA-31. These aircraft are maintained in charter category under a strict maintenance system , which in turn is regulated by Australia’s governing body CASA.

    Sustainable Practices

    • Climbing specific propellers installed on plane to reduce flight time, fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
    • Refillable water cooler provided in office for all customers.
    • 70% E10 fuel is used in all cars and buses.
    • Free pickups from Gold Coast locations offered to all customers to reduce number of cars traveling to Kirra.
    • Daily cleanups of our beach area. Kirra is a beautiful location. Please don’t litter.

    Our Pilots

    Gold Coast Skydive has some of the best pilots in the industry. All of our pilots have obtained a minimum of 5000 hours and some are even aerobatics rated between 1500 and 4000 hours.